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... to L&K Manager, the website to manage your Lords & Knights castles.

You don't know Lords & Knights? Then you should register there immediately for free. You will love it.

All others know the problem. Once you have more than one castle, it becomes more and more difficult to coordinate attacks and not to lose track. With each additional castle it becomes more difficult.

And there comes L&K Manager. Here you can easily manage your castles, plan attacks or let them plan for you, manage your silver and many more.

Here are some features as an overview:

  • Simple recording:
    • Castles can be recorded very easily by using the copied castle link.
    • After a planned attack, you can simply take over the attacked castle in your list of castles.
    • You can record the silver and the units of your castles in a single shot. As a result you have your silver and your units up to date in a few seconds even if you have many castles and then can plan new attacks.
  • Various planning options:
    • Plan your attacks in detail by yourself. If you select units, you can see immediately how much time they need to reach the target and when you need to send them on their way.
    • Or you can let L&K Manager plan your attacks. In particular when you attack a free castle, it is, in principle, only important to coordinate the silver and ensure that the start times are close together. L&K Manager selects for you automatically the most appropriate castles and optimises the start times for you.
    • You can also plan fake attackes so that they look as real attacks.
  • Coordinate support:
    • If you or one of your partners is under attack, you should not waste time. The big question is, which units of which castles will be there in time before the attack begins? This L&K Manager will tell you.
    • You can also check with what kind of units the attacker is probaly under way to you and, as such, potentially identify fake attacks.

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